• A-day-in-the-life of TEN’s CEO Hazel Marchbank McCallion

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A-day-in-the-life of TEN’s CEO Hazel Marchbank McCallion

A-day-in-the-life of TEN’s CEO Hazel Marchbank McCallion

There is never a typical day here at TEN but it is always busy and the ‘to do list’ is continually reviewed and changed!

March 2017

7am : My alarm goes off and I’m straight out of bed into the shower, thinking about all the things I need to get through that day.

7.30am : Tea. I can’t live without it. The stronger the better.

Time for a breakfast of champions (high fibre cereal of course) and plenty of blueberries. TEN recently achieved the Better Health at Work Award and we’re always competing with each other to see who has the most fruit and veg so I make sure I get a good dose first thing! I like to keep up-to-date with the news, so I watch BBC1 whilst I’m eating my breakfast.

8.15am : A peaceful drive along the seafront gets my mind focused and by the time I arrive at the office I’m ready to start the day.

After a second cup of tea that is!

8.30am : The first thing I do is check my emails. I get over 200 every day and I’m constantly looking to see what has come in and who I need to reply to.

9.15am : I take a bit of time to sit and prep for any meetings I may have that day.

9.45am : Meeting with the head of operations to review what is happening. This can be anything from the projects we’re currently working on, potential future projects and funding ideas.

10.15am : I’m back at my desk and replying to the next round of emails – it’s a never ending task but somebody has to do it!

10.45am : I’m constantly looking to see what contracting and funding opportunities are out there that TEN would be eligible for, so I take about half an hour in the morning to do this.

11:15am : Before I sign any contracts I look through all the print with a fine toothcomb meaning that it can take many hours to read through one contract. Some require the assistance of our solicitor.

12pm : Along with everyone else at TEN, I always take half an hour for my lunch break. We chose to do this as there is always so much to be getting on with during the day. We have a room designated for staff to have their lunch and it’s always loud and full of laughter! It’s our chance, in an otherwise busy day, to sit down and catch up on what everybody has been up to away from work. Like I mentioned before, we’re all pretty healthy here at TEN, so my lunch is always something simple like a ham or tuna salad sandwich on brown bread (no butter!) and fruit.

12:30pm : As soon as lunch is done I often head to meetings with partner organisations, commissioners and the newly established coastal communities group.

2:30pm: It’s back to the office to prepare reports for Trustees.

3pm : By now, around 50 new emails will be in my inbox so I sit down with a good strong cup of tea and skim through them all to deal with the priorities.

3:45pm : At the end of the day I tie up any loose ends and quite often something will land on my desk that I have to take a look at before leaving for the day.  We have also been recruiting new Trustees and some skilled and experienced people have expressed interest and I have been doing some follow up work on that.

4.30pm : Home time! I make a point of trying to leave along with everybody else, of course if something requires my attention then and there, I will stay but I like to keep an equal work and home life balance as best I can. Although I do check emails after work and weekends if I am waiting for something specific to come through.

4.45pm : I regularly go swimming with my friends at Haven Point and have been trying all year, unsuccessfully, to motivate myself to go to the gym, but sometimes after a long day I just want to put my feet up at home!! I usually push myself to do 32 lengths of breaststroke to get the half mile in and then I have a coffee with the girls after – there’s got to be a reward for all the hard work!

6:30pm : I like to eat out a couple of times a month at either an Indian, Italian or Turkish restaurant. I usually go for the healthy option and I’m not big on carbs, I’m more of a grazer than a big eater so I often find myself not managing to finish my meal. However, I am partial to a nice sticky toffee pudding or cheesecake and I somehow find room to eat it all!

8pm : Back home to relax in front of the television. My guilty pleasure is Emmerdale and Coronation Street – who doesn’t love watching the soaps! I also enjoy nothing more than watching wildlife and destinations documentaries as I am very much an outdoorsy type and spend most weekends walking in the countryside.

10pm : Time to head to bed where I will read whatever fiction novel I am currently engrossed in! I have recently rediscovered my love of books in the library which is based in the fabulous new building The Word in South Shields.